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"Good Stewards of Great Athletes"

The mission of South Slammers FC is to provide a positive environment where competitive youth soccer athletes thrive mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally while simultaneously acting as a mainstay of affirming and constructive change in the communities that we live and play within.


South Slammers FC is recognized nationally as a model program for competitive youth soccer and as a leader in preparing youth for confident and successful futures, in life and in sport.


The South Slammers FC Academy for the ages GU7-GU8 is designed to prepare the players for the next level. What is that next level? To know how to play under pressure. In our sessions, we will teach the Mental Aspect (Tactical Decision), Technical Skills (Technical Development) and Tactical Thinking (Tactics).

The Academy goal is to make sure there is a soccer base that is important to establish between the vital ages of 7-8.  It is important that younger players reach these goals. As important as it is, we are also committed to make sure that players have FUN, Laughing with there teammates and making friends.
Our competitive program is for those girls aged 12-18 who want a more rigorous schedule and game schedule than recreational soccer. Select soccer is a one year commitment (both fall and spring).
Youth soccer is moving at a rapid pace in Southern California and we have to stop and ask ourselves “are we going to get caught up in this competitive frenzy?” Player development is taking second place to wins and losses, and League status is becoming a major decision point for parents. We have decided to strike a balance where our focus is on player development technically, physically and mentally.

The coaching staff at South Slammers FC is our primary asset. A combination of State licensed coaches and educators, former professionals, current College players and individuals with overseas experience gives us a different “feel.” We are very encouraged by the loyalty of our players and coaches. The growth of our club is based on solid coaching and a continued desire to play for South Slammers FC .

Our goals and expectations within our coaching staff have been set, and the bar is high. The focus U8 to U14, is to improve soccer skills, master the basic techniques, learn the value of team unity and above all develop a real passion for the game.

At U15 and above the priority shifts, and every effort will be made to put our teams in a position to showcase their talent in tournaments attended by College coaches, and the National staff.

We are heavily involved in High School soccer programs, and believe this experience prepares players for the rigors of College and Professional life where dealing with game results is an everyday occurance and must be learned. We also support the Olympic Development Program and aim to place as many of our players as possible in this excellent program.  

As a club we have a responsibility to help players improve, and as coaches a responsibility to deliver. Winning games is a byproduct of a strong program and although it becomes important at U15 and older level, we prefer to be judged on player progress. Trophies tarnish, good habits shine for life.

Stability and loyalty are our words of choice. Stability, showing in the way we take the losses with the wins, respect for each other, our opponents and officials, humble in victory.

Loyalty in the belief in ourselves, support of our coaches, our teammates and parents. Stay loyal to the belief that good comes from hard work as football is a very cruel game and sometimes we do not get what is deserved. Loyalty to our belief, "we played with passion, pride, and gave it our best, for this game we know as football."

If you have questions or special requests, please email us at [email protected]

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